Japanese-Style Garden Lantern in Mount Merapi Lava Stone

Enhance your garden’s beauty with the Japanese-Style Lantern, carved from exotic Mount Merapi Lava Stone. The hexagonal roof, standing at 100cm, showcases intricate tile-shaped carvings, adding timeless elegance to your outdoor space. Meticulously crafted, this lantern combines traditional Japanese aesthetics with the durability of Merapi lava stone. Priced at 1.5 million, it offers an affordable yet exquisite addition to your garden, providing soft illumination for serene evenings. Elevate your garden’s ambiance with this captivating blend of beauty and cultural heritage.



Illuminate your garden’s serenity with the grace of the Japanese-style Lantern crafted from exotic Mount Merapi Lava Stone.

A beautiful and tranquil garden serves as a sanctuary for relaxation after long days. Enhance the elegance and tradition in your garden with the Japanese-Style Lantern, meticulously carved from the exotic lava stone sourced from the slopes of Mount Merapi. With a pillar-like design, hexagonal roof, and intricate tile-shaped carvings, this lantern will captivate attention in any garden.


  • Material: Mount Merapi Lava Stone
  • Dimensions: Height 100cm, Roof Diameter 40cm, Hexagonal Roof
  • Design: Pillar with Hexagonal Roof and Tile-Shaped Carvings
  • Carvings: Detailed carvings on the roof and at the center of the lamp holder

Radiant Beauty: Each lantern is meticulously carved by skilled artisans, showcasing the finesse of carvings that depict the traditional beauty of Japan. Detailed tile-shaped carvings on the hexagonal roof bring a classic nuance, while the lamp holder’s center is adorned with an elegant motif. The Merapi lava stone adds an exotic touch and durability, ensuring the lantern remains beautiful over time.

Soft Illumination at Night: With a height of 100cm, this lantern not only serves as a captivating garden decoration but also provides soft illumination. The lamp holder’s central placement offers pleasant lighting, creating a warm and delightful atmosphere at night.

Affordable Elegance: Priced at 1.5 million, the Japanese-Style Lantern offers an exceptional combination of beauty, quality, and value. It’s a sustainable investment to enhance the beauty of your garden.

Conclusion: With this captivating Japanese-inspired lantern crafted from Mount Merapi’s lava stone, you not only get a beautiful garden decoration but also a work of art symbolizing grace and cultural heritage. Add a touch of Japanese magic to your garden and enjoy its beauty every night.

Informasi Tambahan

Berat 120 kg
Dimensi 100 × 100 × 80 cm


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